Living the Fight

Check back soon for updates to the Living the Fight project, a series dedicated to the experiences of people with IBD. Learn how being diagnosed changed the lives of those affected, the devastation caused by IBD, the heroic conquering of the disease, and how some are taking to the streets to spread awareness in their own way.



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  1. My name is Pat D. and I am 19 years old living with Crohns disease. In 2009, I spent over 11 weeks in St. Christopher’s Hospital in Philadelphia.

    I had a 4 week flare up, followed by blood clots that moved to the lungs, followed by an Ileostomy, followed by three seperate blockages in the intestines.

    I am still undergoing some heavy duty treatments with, no doubt, more to come. Still, I will survive and will beat this and become a role model for others.

    I am in a band and would like to be a part of a fund raising/awareness event. Can anyone help me?


    • Hi Pat, what area are you from? I know a friend with a great band that said he was interested in playing a show to fundraise as well. Are you near the Manhattan area?

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