Donor’s Club

*UPDATE* This list is not extensive. Those who donated but did not include their names or chose to be anonymous, I am assuming you would like to remain so and will not post your name here. I wanted to draw a sombrero in place of your name, but I cannot draw very well, and I don’t know how that would translate into HTML. To everyone who has donated and will donate though, I say thank you once more.

So how does one join this prestigious Donor’s Club? As you can tell by the short list of names, it isn’t easy to make the grade. Everyone here has been vetted and gone through rigorous testing. You will find the process much less taxing- just go to the donation page, select the amount you want to donate, and donate. Just like that, you’re instantly in the club. And the life of a child with Crohn’s Disease has just gotten better.

New Members

– Sean Hagan
– Jason Leitman

Current Members

– Nicole Williams
– Anonymous 1
– Anonymous 2
– Anonymous 3
– Anonymous 4
– Lozzie the Aussie
– Boozin’ for a Cure, Night 1. (Thank you to everyone who showed up and drank to a cure with – Elizabeth Poston
– Jennifer Hotrum
– Kristin White
– Scott Armstrong

Thank you all for your contributions. Remember, every penny counts toward helping someone with Crohn’s live a longer, normal, happy life.

Team Challenge Donation Page

Who's name will be on the ribbon? Be the top donor and it's yours!

Whose name will be on the ribbon? Be the top donor and it's yours!


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