Poopser: New Blogger, No Sugar Coat Needed

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A new name emerged in the blogosphere last week, and she’s hit the keyboard typing. Mary, aka “poopser” put her first entry down on digital paper, and already the comments are rolling in.

Her blog, Crohn’s Disease: The Combat Within, talks about the life and struggle of a woman growing up with IBD. Mary describes herself as a Residential Nurse who loves her job but is unable to work right now because of complications from Crohn’s. She is currently 51 years old and was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease when she was just eight.

I enjoy hanging with my family and friends and consider myself to be blessed, and a positive, optimistic person despite years of battling Crohn’s. I also like to quilt, read (I loved The Lord of the Rings Series and the Twilight Series, and even Harry Potter books) and I think that Robert Pattenson is “hot” despite the fact that he is just a baby compared to me.

Though she’s new to blogging, I’m sure we’ll see a lot of great content from this bold and straight-forward lady.

Everyone is encouraged to read Mary’s blog and give her feedback and suggestions on what to write about next. She is a very positive thinker, and very generous too (Mary donated to my Crohns TeamChallenger campaign to raise money for children with Crohn’s Disease). She deserves all the support she can get! Help Mary feel at home in the Crohn’s community and among bloggers. Over time I’m sure Poopser will grow to something amazing.

Once more, you can find her blog by clicking here, or clicking the Crohn’s Disease: The Combat Within on my blogroll.


Boozin’ for a Cure, Part Deux

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Jakes Dilemma- come join us on Saturday, Nov 21st at 9pm!

Jakes Dilemma- come join us on Saturday, Nov 21st at 9pm!

WHAT: Birthday/Crohn’s Disease fundraiser
WHEN: Saturday, November 21 8-10pm (Free drinks from 9-10pm)
WHERE: Jakes Dilemma (Amsterdam Ave between 80th and 81st st – Upper West Side Manhattan)

Help save children with Crohn’s Disease and celebrate my birthday at the same time, $10 at the door for an all-you-can-drink happy hour at Jake’s Dilemma, Saturday night!

Those who came to the first Boozin’ for a Cure,
will remember quite sure
the laughter we shared
while wildly impaired!

Now’s come another chance-
to drink cheap drinks and badly dance,
So come to Jake’s for my birthday
and let’s all drink Crohn’s away!

(Please don’t critique this poem, it’s just not worth it trust me)


Alright all, for those who remember the last fundraising drink-till-you-drop event at Stumble Inn to raise money for children with Crohn’s Disease, this weekend’s Boozin’ for a Cure, Part Deux will be twice the craziness and twice the fun!

The managers at Jake’s Dilemma are hosting Crohn’s TeamChallenger and all who come out to support the cause from 9-10pm on Saturday night.

For only $10 at the door you get full well drink access for the entire hour!


Show up early and get $1 beers and $2 shots during Jake’s “Power Hour” from 8-9. I’ll be there pregaming the fundraiser, so feel free to stop by and kick things off early.

If you can’t make it but would like to donate and be part of this great cause you can do so by going to my official team website.

RSVP by emailing, commenting here, or calling me at (310) 218-7242.

Cheers all, I look forward to seeing you there!

Tips for Staying Strong on the Long Run

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Courtesy of Picapp.comSo you’re thinking about running a marathon? Cheers to you mate, that’s a big commitment. Running that kind of event is a lot of work! Here’s a short article with some tips to keep you going on the long run, written by me, a guy who never saw more than 3 miles pass under his jogging shoe until I started training for the Rock n’ Roll half to benefit children with Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. It’s my first long distance run of any kind, but the information I pass on comes from both my own experience and that of others.

With time, refinement, and intelligent training, I know that soon I’ll be crossing the finish line of my first marathon. And who knows, maybe one day even an ultra-marathon or two.

After stammering and nearly talking myself out of the whole thing, I decided it was time to bunker down and get serious. Who can blame me for hesitating, I mean long-distance running is a lot of work!

Once I got serious about it though, I took the time to read up on some best practices and applied that to things learned first-hand from previous training sessions- and the results were great!

Don’t Wait Until You’re Thirsty- Have a Plan!

Staying properly hydrated is extremely important on long runs, in researching I read that having a hydration plan prior to undergoing an endurance workout will yield significantly better results than just drinking when the “need” arises. If you’re thirsty, you’re probably already dehydrated. At this point you’re likely more exhausted than you would have been had you been drinking water in regimented amounts along the way.
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I purchased the Helium four-bottle hydration belt from Fuel Belt and tried that out. It comes with four small plastic bottles that strap in place firmly along the waist. First I drank a decent amount of water about 20 minutes prior to running (enough to feel hydrated but not too weighed down with liquid) then filled up each bottle half way (roughly 3-4oz each), and drank one down every 15 minutes after the 45 minute mark.

Don’t Dilute Yourself
Water is essential as anyone will tell you, but it’s not all your body needs for the long haul. It’s equally important to keep yourself fueled with the necessary amount of electrolytes. As our Team Challenge New York trainer Jay Hachadoorian explained, our body’s muscles have natural storage capacity for about 1 hour’s continuous activity. After that point you must replenish yourself with the necessary fuel to keep going.

If you’re considering running a long distance, experiment with various on-the-go electrolyte supplements like gels, tabs, or goos. See how they react with your stomach (a good reason not to wait for race day to start trying them!), and which ones gives you the best sustainable lift. My favorite is the Clif Energy Shot Block Chews. They taste great, are convenient to carry around, and don’t seem to cause any stomach issues.

You can support me too if you like- good time for a tax deduction!
* A quick note, I’m not sponsored by either Clif Bar & Co. or Fuel Belt. They’re just great brands that I trust and love.

Crohn’s Disease Vegas Rock n’ Roll Marathon Training and Fundraising Update

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Here’s a status report on my training and fundraising efforts for the Las Vegas Rock n’ Roll half marathon to benefit children with Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. Also included in this post are some tips on running long distance in a good time. If you haven’t donated yet, please do. There are few places better than this to make your money work this hard for such a great cause.

Running for Children with Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis

The training has been going very well. Extraordinarily well actually. Last week I did a 12 mile jog in 1:46 minutes. That comes to 4 miles more than my previous distance record from the weekend before, and a pace that sets me on track to meet or surely beat my goal time of 1:55 for the half-marathon in December.

On Wednesday I cut the distance in half but picked up the pace and added some hills- came out to 6 miles in 49 minutes.

I can attribute my successful workout to the training advice from, Jay Hachadoorian, our phenomenal personal trainer. He gave me some tips the weekend prior on staying properly hydrated, and moderating pace and breathing as I run. I’ll include those tips in the next post.

On the fundraising front, I’m pleased to announce that with the help of some amazingly generous people (you’re probably one of them at this point, thank you!), we have so far raised $1195.00 for children with Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis.

That’s an amazing amount, really. These donations make a huge difference.

Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s time to pat ourselves on the back just yet. With 3 weeks to go, my project is still short of its $4000.00 goal.

Please help us reach that goal in any way possible. If you donated, and want to do donate again you can! It’s tax deductible and the end of the year filing period is coming up soon. If you have friends who might be interested in helping, please tell them! Any small measure of support is welcome and appreciated and no donation is too small. Certainly none is too large either!

Don’t forget, the end of the year is coming up and now is the perfect time to accrue some tax deductions!

Thank you for reading and supporting, see you at the finish line.

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